Market Access Leaders

As one of the industry’s most qualified market access thought leaders, your insights, knowledge, and collaborative skills help manufacturers understand payer perspectives, and provide strategic guidance to pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic manufacturers.

Your professional insights offer unique perspectives to evolve the concept of value.
Participate as one of the market access area’s most qualified thought leaders. Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are looking to you for insights, collaboration, and strategic guidance, so they can better understand what is most important for their clinical trial and/or HEOR data to convey. Participation opportunities in a wide variety of formats allow you to determine what works with your availability and interests.  Ways to work with us are interviews, surveys, advisory boards, and virtual focus groups.

Benefits of participation include the ability to shape the future of health care, extend your impact as an opinion leader, expand your network and interact with peers, gain insights from other managed care professionals, and stay abreast of cutting edge products and therapies.  Also, you earn competitive honoraria tailored to each research opportunity, while keeping your feedback anonymous. Respecting your privacy is just one of the reasons current network advisors trust Xcenda and have partnered with us for so long.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The power of your insights makes a difference.

​Add your experience to shape the future of patient care.

Your privacy is assured.                      

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